On this page an impression of the visual material. For permission to use and more photos, please visit contact recording with ADAM Quartet. 

Photography Juri Hiensch

LIVE recordings

Pavel Fischer

On 4 October 2020, ADAM made its debut on the TV programme Podium Witteman. They played the final movement from the first string quartet by Pavel Fischer, former primarius of the Czech Škampa Quartet.

NJO Music Summer 2020

In front of this beautiful statue of Penelope, waiting for her husband Odysseus, the ADAM Quartet plays the matching, loving Adagio from Prokofiev's second string quartet. The bird sounds are real!

NJO Music Summer 2020

In the beautiful garden of the Kröller-Möller Museum last summer, the ADAM Quartet recorded several pieces, including this heartwarming Adagio from Haydn's string quartet opus 20, no. 5. 


The ADAM Quartet has a penchant for music from the 20th century. Get carried away by folk and love songs, mountain dances and imitations of traditional instruments from the Caucasus Mountains with Sergei Prokofiev's second string quartet!


Listen to the fifth string quartet from Haydn's cycle opus 20 'solar quartets' here and be moved by the poignant timbre of f minor. 

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