adam quartet

With fresh eyes, the ADAM Quartet is looking for ways to shine its own light on the string quartet while staying true to the essence of the genre.


ADAM at Podium Klassiek

Camiel Jansen composed five new works especially for the ADAM Quartet, titled "In Vivid Colour". On Sunday 25 March at 18.15, the ADAM Quartet will play two of these works at Podium Klassiek on NPO 2.

ADAM @ 50 For The Future

On 6 and 7 May 2023, the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam presents 50 for the Future together with the Kronos Quartet, the Muziekgebouw, the Ragazze Quartet and numerous other quartets. This very first and, for the time being, only integral performance of this magnum opus by the Kronos Quartet offers two days full of premieres and special stories.


March 26

18.15 | Podium Klassiek | NPO2

7 April

11.00 | Coffee concert | Singer Laren, Laren

15 April

12.00 | Masterclass Festival Amsterdam | Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

15 April

20.30 | Klassifest | Paradiso Amsterdam

23 April

20.15 | Grote Kerkzaal | Zeist

30 April

20.30 | Kasteel Huis Bergh | 's Heerenbergh

LIVE recordings

Pavel Fischer

On 4 October 2020, ADAM made its debut on the TV programme Podium Witteman. They played the final movement from the first string quartet by Pavel Fischer, former primarius of the Czech Škampa Quartet.

NJO Music Summer 2020

In front of this beautiful statue of Penelope, waiting for her husband Odysseus, the ADAM Quartet plays the matching, loving Adagio from Prokofiev's second string quartet. The bird sounds are real!


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